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One Piece Chapter 959 Spoilers, Release Date: What Happened To Luffy and the Others?

Following the one week break taken by Eiichiro oda, One Piece manga is returning this week.

There are lots of events happened in the previous chapter and we still have no idea what happened back there. Fortunately, One Piece Chapter 959 is finally coming this week and fans are expecting to get the answers from the cliffhanging events in Chapter 958.

One Piece: Wano Arc

One Piece Chapter 959 Spoilers

Fans usually get the spoilers a few days before the digital manga chapter releases. Right now, we only got the initial text spoilers of the chapter so make sure to refresh the page for the raw scan update.

Update #1: Spoilers from Vegapank Worstgen forum

According to the leaked spoiler, the chapter starts with a flashback showing the Straw Hats wearing samurai armor given by Hitetsu. Other Straw Hat Pirates members were also spotted such as Franky building the ships and Ussops asking everyone to take Thousand Sunny to the port. Robin revealed that Orochi mentioned that the entrance to Onigashima is winter. Nami, Carrot, and the other allies are discussing the chance of having a full moon during the raid. Orochi knows all the plans about the rebellion. Beast pirates destroyed the Sunny hiding place. Scenes go back to the current timeline showing Kinemon and the others to continue the planned raid to Onigashima.

One Piece Chapter 959 Release Date

After a week of rest, the new One Piece manga is returning in the next Shonen Jump magazine issue which is set to officially release on October 21, 2019, while the digital scans are expected to release on October 20, 2019.

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