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One Piece Chapter 940 Spoilers, Release Date: Big Mom’s Arrival At Prisoner’s Mine

One Piece Chapter 940 is officially scheduled to release on Monday, but the leaked spoilers and raw scans are already available online. According to the leaked details, the title of the upcoming chapter is “Seeds of Rebellion” and it will cover more of Luffy and the arrival of Big Mom in the prisoner’s mine.

One Piece Chapter 940 Spoilers

As mentioned above, the chapter’s early spoilers are now out. If you’re not prepared to read the spoilers, we highly recommend stopping reading from here. But since you’re here to know what’s coming in this chapter and spoilers don’t bother you at all, let’s move forward.

In Chapter 940, we will be seeing Nami and the rest having a conversation with Yasu. The scene moves back to the prison where Luffy has been spotted practicing the attack that was demonstrated by Hyogoro.

Meanwhile, Caribou was shown on the page. What’s interesting is that Caribou has been hiding Raizo inside his body. As we all know, Caribou is a Swamp-Swamp Fruit user and with the ability of his devil fruit, it’s not surprising to hide someone in his body. Kawamatsu is still inside the prison and similar to the previous chapters, only his shadow has been shown.

The next chapter after One Piece Chapter 940 will surely bring a huge hype to fans as the last page of this chapter shows Big Mom, along with Chopper and the rest arriving in front of the prisoner’s mine.

One Piece Chapter 940 Release Date

Since the initial spoilers are now available, expect to see the digital scans this weekend. For the official release of the manga, you can read in on April 22, 2019, along with the upcoming Shonen Jump magazine issue.

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