One Piece Chapter 941 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 941 Spoilers, Raw Scans, and Release Date

If you’re one of the fans who is waiting for the spoiler this week, we got you covered. One Piece Chapter 941 spoilers and raw scans are finally out!

Before we dive into this week’s spoiler, we would like to remind that this website or the author of this post does not create or take part in the creation of the spoilers that will be mentioned below. The spoilers and raw scans are found on sources on different websites and are posted here for the chapter discussion.

One Piece Chapter 941 Spoilers

There are lot’s of things happened in the previous chapter and if you’re wondering if the hype continues with Big Mom’s arrival in the Prisoner’s Mine, it seems like the scene has been moved to the other part of the Wano Country.

The title of the upcoming One Piece Chapter 941 is not mentioned in the spoilers but the chapter cover shows Luffy wearing a knight armor with a sword and a shield with Mugiwara logo engraved.

Moving to the spoilers, Orochi has been spotted mourning over Komurasaki’s death. Meanwhile, it seems like he learned the identity of the witching hour boy, the mysterious person who steals goods from rich people and share it with the poor. The report came from Fukurokuju.

Back to Zoro’s location, the swordsman just woke up and found Komurasaki laying on his chest. Brook on the other side saw the situation and he feels so jealous like he’s being attacked.

Developing story…

One Piece Chapter 941 Release Date

Since we already got the spoilers, expect to see the digital scans this weekend. The official release of One Piece Chapter 941 will be available on April 29, 2018.

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