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One Piece Chapter 945 Spoilers, Release Date: Big Mom Defeats Queen

Following the cliffhanging chapter last week, One Piece manga has returned bringing a lot of epic battles from the Wano Kuni Arc. If you’re looking for the early leaked spoilers for One Piece 945, we’ve got you covered.

Before we continue, we would like to inform all our readers that the author did not take part in leaking this spoiler. All the things and events that will be mentioned in this article are found on sources on different websites and are posted here for the chapter discussion.

One Piece Chapter 945 Spoilers

Most of our prediction from this post happened in this new One Piece chapter. As mentioned, the fight between Zoro and Kyoshiro continues while Orochi is still on his way back to the castle. Zoro also saved Hiyori from death once again and during that time, Hiyori’s hands are on Zoro’s neck and chest. Sanji sees it all and he was shocked and jealous at what happened. Otoko was passed down to Ussop and Sanji finally faced X Drake’s attack.

At the same place, Kinemon bowed his head on the ground and asked Shutenmaru. Obviously, he wants Shutenmaru to join the alliance to fight against Orochi. Law has also been spotted while he is being confronted by Hawkins.

Back at the prison, Big Mom finally appeared in front of Queen, Luffy, and the other people inside the prison. All of them are terrified after seeing a Yonko in front of them. Queen immediately turned into his dinosaur form. Just at the same moment, Big Mom did a high jump and grabbed Queen’s head and smashed it on the ground. Kid and Killer, on the other hand, are still submerged under the water.


One Piece Chapter 945 Release Date

Knowing that we already got the leaked spoilers, expect to see the digital scan of One Piece 945 this weekend from the official manga distributor like Viz. The official release of the chapter will be on June 10th along with the weekly Shonen Jump magazine issue.


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