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My Hero Academia Manga Sees Todoroki Family Reunion

My Hero Academia Chapter 300 has officially been released and fans can now read the new chapter on Viz Media and Manga Plus. While the new chapter features a little bit of action from the escapees, the groundbreaking part of the manga is the reunion of the family members of Shoto Todoroki.

The start of Chapter 300 features the evil doings of the escapees during All for One’s prison break. The Cider House gang has been causing a lot of commotion in the city. The manga also sees the retirement of the No. 9 Pro Hero, Yoroi Musha, where he received a lot of negative feedback from the community.

Meanwhile, one of the main villains of the series named Chizome Akaguro, also known as Hero Killer: Stain, has finally made his appearance after the prison break in Tartarus. We didn’t get to see any action from him but we will surely see him again in the future.

The manga continues with Endeavor, who is still unable to move after all the damages that he received during the fight in the Paranormal Liberation War arc. Endeavour was seen having some analyzation of his action in the past like how he brought he burdens and pains on his family.

Shortly after, Shoto has arrived in his room. Alon with Shoto Fuyumi and Natsuo. Initially, Enji Todoroki thought that only his children visited him but he was surprised to see her wife, Rei Todoroki, in front of him.

The last spread of the manga confirms the reason why Endeavor’s wife visited the still injured hero. According to her, she was there to talk about their family, especially about their son, Toya, also known as Dabi.

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