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One Piece Chapter 969 Sees Orochi’s Madness

As expected, an anonymous user has shared the One Piece Chapter 969 spoilers, along with the raw scans and English translation of the chapter. The first sighting of the leaked One Piece 959 spoilers have been spotted on One Piece subreddit group.

If you’re one of the fans who want to learn and know the events for the upcoming chapter, continue reading below. For fans who don’t want to get spoiled, we recommend stopping reading from here.

One Piece Chapter 969 Spoilers

According to the leaked spoilers, the upcoming One Piece Chapter 969 will continue the flashback of Oden after his action in the previous chapter. As seen in the last chapter, Oden attacks Orochi but he was saved by Setsumaru, the previous Bari Bari no Mi devil fruit user.

Oden asked Orochi to move down from his position but Orochi declined. With the help of Kurozumi, the previous Mane Mane no Mi user, they convinced the Daimyos of the country to make Orochi as the official Shogun.

The people in the country were happy upon hearing Oden’s return, hoping to take down Orochi and his evil actions. Shortly after, Oden was seen dancing on the street without any clothes. It seems like he’s doing it to protect the citizen. After seeing Oden doing this, people started to lose their faith.

After a year, Oden learned that Roger has been executed. He was seen laughing while crying at the same time. Another year has passed and the people of Wano witnessed the fight between the Thriller Bark Pirates and the Beasts Pirates. During this battle, Moria stole Ryuma’s corpse along with Shusui.

A few more years have passed when Oden learned something terrible. Apart from Orochi breaking his promise, Oden discovered that Hyogoru was still imprisoned and his family was killed. With this unforgivable actions, Kozuki Oden gathered his subordinates and went to Orochi and Kaido to take them down.

One Piece Chapter 969 Release Date

Now that the spoilers for the upcoming chapter are out, it is now safe to say that the digital scanlations will be out this weekend. The official One Piece manga chapter is set to release on January 26, 2019.

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