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One Piece Chapter 1006: Hyogoro’s Last Words, Carrot’s Sulong Form Defeated, and More

One Piece Chapter 1006 just dropped and as expected, Eiichiro Oda just prepared a lot of action for the series. Following the epic entrance of Robin and Brook as they rescue Sanji against Black Maria, One Piece manga has moved its scene back to the place where Hyogoro and the others are fighting the infected enemies.

In the 1006th chapter of One Piece manga titled “Hyogor the Flower”, we got to see the continuation of the Onigashima Raid. The manga starts with Yamato and Shinobu escaping the enemies chasing them while Momonosuke is hiding behind Yamato’s clothing.

Perospero Defeats Carrot’s Sulong Form

Next, we got to see how Carrot has been defeated by Charlotte Perospero, one of the members of the Big Mom Pirates. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the exact battle between Perospero and Carrot. But looking at what Perospero said, Carrot lost the battle because the weather wasn’t in her favor. As seen in the manga scan, the moon is mostly being covered by clouds. Perospero left the wounded Mink and proceed to the next location.

Marco vs Queen and Jack

At the base of the Skull Dome, we got to see Hyogoro showcasing his power by defeating the enemies trying to attack Chopper who is currently making a cure for the virus. Queen realized that if he didn’t stop Hyogoro, the former Yakuza boss will wipe out the floor.

Just before Queen unleashed his attack towards Hyogoro, Marco stepped in and stopped him. Marco said that he was Queen’s opponent and he should focus on him instead. Queen attacked the former member of the Whitebeard Pirates but Marco easily dodged it. Right after Marco dodged Queen’s attack, Jack came in and slashed the phoenix’s wing.

Due to the nature of Marco’s devil fruit, it seems that Jack’s attack is useless and it was seen that Marco immediately launched a counter attack on the enemy. Marco also noted that holding back two enemies with bounties over a billion isn’t easy.

Hyogoro’s Last Words

As time passes by, Hyogoro has finally been turning into a brainless ice demon. One of the Yakuza boss, Yatappe, also lifts his katana as he prepares to take Hyogoro’s life before he turns into an ice demon and endanger their allies.

Just before turning into an ice demon, Hyogoro entrusts his hopes and desires to his comrades. “I, Hyogoro, the Flower, no longer have any regrets”, was Hyogoro’s last words in Chapter 1006 of the One Piece manga series.

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