My Hero Academia Chapter 292

My Hero Academia Chapter 292 Spoilers, Release Date: Best Jeanist Joins the War

My Hero Academia Chapter 292 will be released soon. With the epic events in the previous chapter, manga fans are now excited to read the new chapter and see how the number 3 pro hero performs in the war.

Following the full character reveal of Dabi in the last few chapters of Boku no Hero Academia, the number 1 pro hero Endeavor is still shocked by the truth. The last chapter showcased some of the flashbacks for Dabi. We also got to see him finally attacking the heroes on the ground.

Just before he unleashed his deadly attack, Dabi also talks about the pro hero Best Jeanist. According to him, Hawk killed him to continue his spying mission. But his claim about Best Jeanist being dead has been debunked immediately.

My Hero Academia Chapter 292
My Hero Academia

In Chapter 291, Dabi finally sets his first attack against the pro heroes. Endeavor is still on his ground, while Shoto is shouting his father to get back to himself. However, it seems that Dabi’s reveal reached his heart and can’t handle the situation.

Before Dabi’s attack lands to the heroes, Best Jeanist blocked it with his Quirk. The cliffhanger shows Best Jeanist being unharmed and alive. Now that the number 3 pro hero joined the war, will they be able to stop the villains?

Let’s see how things unfold once the newest chapter of Boku no Hero Academia releases. So, when will be the new chapter be available?

My Hero Academia Chapter 292 Release Date

As of writing, there is no announcement for any schedule changes for the next chapter of My Hero Academia. This only means that Kohei Horikoshi’s top-hit manga series, My Hero Academia Chapter 292, will be available next week, November 22, 2020.

As always, you can read the new chapter, as well as the previously released chapters of Boku no Hero Academia on Viz Media and Manga Plus by Shueisha.

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