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One Piece Chapter 980 Release Date, Spoilers: Luffy’s Anger

Due to the virus outbreak happening around the world, Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece Chapter 980 manga is being delayed. Well, it’s not only One Piece but even the anime and manga industry are being affected right now.

Thankfully, the manga distributing the Weekly Shonen Jump where One Piece is being released came with a plan to continue releasing the story. As reported, Shueisha and Viz Media will continue releasing new manga chapters every two weeks. That having said, the upcoming chapter 980 should be out next week.


One Piece Chapter 979 Recap

The previous chapter is not as action-packed as before but it is still an interesting chapter due to the character progress and more introduction of Yonko Kaido’s family. Chapter 979 titled “Family Trouble” showcased the gathering of the strong members of Beasts Pirates.

There, we spotted the Beasts Pirates’ All-Stars and the Flying Six also known as Tobiroppo. The spread also sees the return of the traitor Kanjuro after kidnapping Momonuske, it was his first time in Onigashima and the Kaido’s force still don’t know that he was their ally. Kaido still can’t see his son named Yamato which why he ordered the Flying Six to find him. Anyone who managed to find his son will be having a chance any of the All-Stars and will replace them if they defeat them.

Meanwhile, Kinemon’s forces have started moving to the east part of Onigashima, Denjiro’s forces also moved to the southern part, and Law’s forces are now travelling underwater towards Kaido’s castle. Just before the forces started to invade, Kid’s crew rushed in towards the battlefield.

Luffy is aware that Kid doesn’t know the plan and decide to pursue and stop them but he failed. As Luffy started searching for Kid, he found himself in a banquet where lots of foods have been gathered. There he meets some enemies who are throwing the red bean soup. As the two enemies fight to throw the soup, they mentioned and belittle the people of Okobore town. Luffy remembered how happy O-Tama was when he gave her a bowl of soup. This triggers Luffy and it seems that he’s ready to punch the enemies.

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One Piece Chapter 980 Spoilers and Discussions

As of writing, the spoilers for the upcoming chapter is not yet out but that doesn’t stop us to predict and discuss the possible events that may happen.

With the cliffhanger spread from chapter 979, it seems that Luffy is about to do something against the enemies belittling the citizen of Okobore town. Luffy sees and feel how the people suffer in that village and knowing his character, he will not just let it pass.

Luffy arriving at that place suggests that Kid and his crew are also there. Knowing how dangerous the place for them without proper preparation, there’s a chance that Kid might come in and stop Luffy to cause a commotion.

Meanwhile, the Flying Six may start searching for Kaido’s son. With their eagerness to become an All-Star, their search for Yamato will be faster. There’s a chance that Yamato will be found easily and as promised, Kaido will allow them to fight any of the All-Stars. King, Queen, and Jack seem to be okay with the setup. What do you think will happen in the next chapter?

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One Piece Chapter 980 Release Date

As stated above, the One Piece manga will be on hiatus for one week before chapter 980 releases. This only means that One Piece chapter 980 will be released on May 24, 2020. For fans who are looking for the official spoilers, make sure to check our One Piece page to get the latest update.

The digital copy of chapter 980 will be available on Sunday at Viz Media and Shueisha’s Manga Plus. While the print out copy should be available the following day in your favourite retail store.

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