One Piece Chapter 943 Release Date

One Piece Demonstrates Luffy’s New Power and Zoro’s New Sword Enma

The final war in the Wano Arc is just around the corner and knowing that that one Yonko has been added to the enemies, how will Luffy and the resistance be able to handle this big threat?

One Piece Chapter 955 is now available and it covers some interesting upgrades to the main protagonist of the manga. As seen in the new manga chapter, Luffy just unlocked a powerup to his Haki, while Zoro has just tested the power of his new sword.

One Piece Chapter 939 Spoilers

Luffy and Zoro’s New Power Upgrade

With the help of Hyo inside the prison, Monkey D. Luffy has achieved a new type of Haki level that allows him to damage any obstructions without even touching them. Chapter 955 demonstrates this new Haki power by showing Luffy punching and destroying a huge rock and a tree without contact.

Zoro, on the other hand, also received the sword Enma that was previously owned by Hiyori’s father, Kozuki Oden. Zoro also demonstrates the power of the sword by just aiming to cut a tree but instead of just cutting the tree, Zoro cut the whole cliff. According to Hitetsu, Enma will be forcing the wielder to release an excessive amount of energy which will cause huge damage.

These two new upgrades that Luffy and Zoro acquired will surely help them in the war, but is this enough to take down the enemy? The numbers of the enemy according to Robin is more than 30,000 and their allies is just around 4,000 and it’s not mentioned whether the previously introduced enemy called the Numbers are already included in the estimated enemies.

Luffy and the others are surely outnumbered in this war but let’s wait and see how they are planning to deal with this matter in the next chapter. One Piece Chapter 955 marks the end of Wano Arc Act 2, which means that Wano Arc Act 3 may begin on One Piece Chapter 956.

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