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One Piece Chapter 962 Delayed; New Release Date Announced

One Piece manga is still in the Wano Arc and the recent chapter is a flashback from the life of the late Shogun Kozuki Oden. In the previous chapter, we have seen the actions of Oden during his young age.

Right now, the young Oden was exiled from the Capital after he covered up for Kinemon’s action. Denjiro and Kinemon admired Oden for what he did and decides to follow him until the end.

One Piece: Wano Arc

Kozuki Oden decides to go to the Hakumai Region where Yasuie resides. Interestingly, the chapter also shows the life of Orochi and it turns out that he’s just an ordinary boy that serves Yasuie.

With the upcoming One Piece Chapter 962, fans should expect to see more flashbacks from the past. There’s a big chance that it will continue the adventure of Oden and also show more information about the current shogun Orochi.

However, One Piece fanatics should be patient this time as it has been announced that the new One Piece manga will be delayed. But don’t worry, Eiichiro Oda just need a one-week break which only means that One Piece Chapter 962 will return on November 17th.

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