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One Piece Introduces Four Yakuza Bosses To Help Luffy

One Piece Chapter 952 is now live and Eiichiro Oda did not let his fans down. Apart from the epic battle moments between Kaido and Big Mom, the latest One Piece manga chapter also revealed four big names that will help Luffy and allies to reclaim the Wano Country.

This chapter actually has two main highlights – the fight between the two Yonko and the introduction of the four Yakuza bosses of each village in the Wano Country. We still don’t have any idea how powerful these Yakuza bosses but by looking at their appearance, it seems that they will be a huge help to take down Shogun Orochi.

  • Snake-Eye Yatappe – Yakuza boss of the Kibi region of Wano Country.
  • Moonflower O-Cho – Yakuza Boss of the Ringo region of Wano Country.
  • Broken Hat Tsunagoro – Yakuza boss of the Hakumai region of Wano Country.
  • Blood Letter Omasa – Yakuza boss of the Udon region of Wano Country.

All these four Yakuza bosses have been imprisoned by Yonko Kaido after they opposed the current Shogun Orochi. As of writing, they are still inside the Udon Prison which is now their main operation base during the preparation for the upcoming war in Onigashima.

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