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One Piece Manga Finally Revealed The Traitor in Wano Country Arc

One of the biggest questions in One Piece Wano Arc about the traitor has finally been answered in the latest One Piece Chapter 974. Since the arrival of the Luffy and the others in the Wano Country, all of their plans and actions are being monitored by Shogun Orochi. This is because of the mole hiding as an ally and feeding Orochi all the important information about the revolution. But who exactly is the traitor among the allies?

If you’re only following the series on the anime or haven’t read Chapter 974 just yet, be aware that this post contains the major spoiler for the chapter. If spoilers don’t bother you at all, let’s get going.

Who is the traitor in One Piece Wano Arc?

Due to the spoiled plans and counter-attack ordered by Orochi, many fans came up with an idea about the traitor spoiling all of the plans to take down the shogun. Due to the lack of information in the manga, many are assuming that the traitor is Shinobu or Raizo.

However, the latest One Piece manga chapter debunked all these theories and revealed who the real traitor is. According to One Piece Chapter 974, the traitor is Kanjuro, one of the Nine Red Scabbards who was sent by Toki to the future.

But when and how did it happen? According to Kanjuro, it all started when he was still a kid where he lost all of his emotions and started searching for a place to die. Disguising himself as an ally, he went through all the pains that the other experienced. Kanjuro experienced all the sorrow and joy along with them, didn’t resent anyone and does not intend to hurt anyone. The only thing that he did was reporting all the information to Orochi.

Do you expect Kanjuro as the traitor before? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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