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One Piece Sees Luffy and Zoro Enraged Over Oshiruko

Eiichiro Oda just dropped another chapter for the top-hit One Piece, and it shocked fans how Luffy ruined their plans to take down Kaido. The new chapter followed Luffy as he can no longer control his anger towards the enemies wasting food. Of course, his actions only means that their plans before heading to Onigashima have been exposed.

If you’ve been a long-time One Piece fans, it’s not a surprise to see our main protagonist ruining all the plans. Luffy already did this in the past and it seems that he will continue doing it until he becomes the pirate king.

Speaking of how he ruined the planned surprise attack, Luffy started making commotion after hearing all the words coming from the enemy. Luffy found himself in the middle of the party while chasing Kid and his crew. As he explores the area, he suddenly meets Kaido’s subordinate making fun of the foods that have been wasted.

To be exact, the food was oshiruko, which was the same food he gave to Tama. It was the first time that Tama ate oshiruko in her entire life. Luffy was shocked upon hearing it and promised the kid that he will be giving more food in the future.

Back to the current time, Luffy attacked Kaido’s subordinate who are making fun and belittling the people of Okobore Town. As he caused all the commotion, the hall was slashed into two pieces and Zoro appeared while telling that his captain has ruined everything.

Luffy explained his actions and upon hearing the reason, Zoro’s feeling suddenly changed and decides to join his captain beating the enemies. At the same time, Apoo spotted them and immediately informed Queen.

Later on, the two realized that the plan should never reveal their identity but Queen already told his subordinate to capture them. One of the worst generations, Scratchmen Apoo attacked them and they have no idea how they are being hit.

As they continue to escape, Apoo mentioned their name which shocked the two Straw Hat Pirates. Just before Apoo prepares for another attack, Eustass Kid shows up while surprising Apoo with a big punch.

What do you think happened to Apoo? Will the Straw Hats and Kid Pirates be able to defeat all the enemies including Queen?

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