Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Update 1.1.5f Patch Notes

Developer Owlcat Games has rolled out the latest Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous update 1.1.5f. The new patch has been released on December 15th, and it is now available for download on all supported platforms.

According to the official release notes, patch 1.1.5f will fix some of the known bugs and issues in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. In addition, this update also addressed the issues that are related to quests, areas, and more.

To learn more about update 1.1.5f in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, feel free to check the complete changelog below.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Update 1.1.5f Patch Notes

Known issues:

  • If you leave Drezen right after Anevia gives you the Night Gamblers quest, it may be impossible to speak with the gamblers and Sosiel when you return. Workaround: speak with them as soon as the quest starts. We will fix this issue in one of the future patches.
  • In Alushinyrra some NPCs may end up underground sometimes. If that happens, save the game and reload it.


  • [spoiler]Former companions attacked Swarm-That-Walks without explaining themselves[/spoiler] – fixed;
  • Chasing the Spinner of Nightmares now starts with auto-crusade mode on;
  • Demonic Hide-and-Seek quest couldn’t be completed correctly, if the search for Lexicon of Paradox had been skipped – fixed;
  • Fixed an error which prevented the player from dumping Sosiel;
  • Fixed an error which prevented the player from exiting Sosiel’s gallery;
  • Fixed the romance scene with Sosiel in chapter 3;
  • [spoiler]If you forgave Greybor in chapter 5, he didn’t return into the party properly[/spoiler] – fixed;
  • Insisting on sex with Sosiel after the event with card could result in the game freezing – fixed;
  • Some meetings in the throne room for the Azata path could move from chapter 3 to chapter 5 – fixed;
  • Using coup de grace against Trever in Battlebliss could lock you on the arena – fixed.


  • At Martyr Zacharius’s Cemetery there was a black entrance into one of the buildings – fixed;
  • Characters couldn’t leave the elevator platform in Colyphyr Mines after loading a save – fixed;
  • In Azata’s court a twin of Kel Five Knives could appear – fixed;
  • In Midnight Fane, a starting cut-scene could get interrupted, which could cause issues with this part of the game – fixed;
  • In the Ineluctable Prison players could get stuck sometimes while mounted in the warden’s room, where there was a lot of furniture – fixed;
  • In the Ineluctable Prison two enemies could occupy the same spot sometimes – fixed;
  • Martyr Zacharius’s Cemetery area has been optimized for CPU, fixed issues with walking through fences, fixed camera movements, and decorative objects on the floor no longer dissolve when the character walks over them;
  • Minor improvements in the visuals of Alushinyrra Middle City;
  • Once again we told Sosiel to use the correct easel in Drezen;
  • There was a secret passage in the Ineluctable Prison a Mythic Demon could use in chapter 5, and it caused some issues. Other demons found that passage and made sure you won’t be able to use it again in chapter 5;
  • We revoked the citizenship of the rolling boulders in the Ivory Sanctum and the Ineluctable Prison.


  • Army markers at the borders of the screen used to hide behind the UI elements – fixed;
  • Black Spot didn’t work correctly – fixed;
  • Flames of the Abyss was applying to the wrong target – fixed;
  • Global buffs were not displayed in the crusade management mode – fixed;
  • Twincast now works according to description;
  • Unexpected Maneuver now works according to description;
  • Visual effect of Blade of the Inheritor is shown correctly now;
  • Visual effect of Boulder is shown correctly now.

Classes & Mechanics

  • Arcanist Nature Mage couldn’t merge their spellbook with Lich at Mythic Level 3 – fixed;
  • Bloodrager with bloodline Draconic — Black used to get Ascension on the first level instead of claws – fixed;
  • Enemy marked as a Scapegoat wasn’t getting a 10% spell failure chance – fixed;
  • Greater Aeon’s Bane made an additional attack instead of just increasing the damage – fixed;
  • Hold Person, Mass didn’t work correctly, and the status applied even if a saving throw against it was successful – fixed;
  • Mythic Brew Potions feat didn’t require Brew Potions feat – fixed;
  • Scaled Fist Armor Bonus was lower than it should have been – fixed;
  • Spells of Dirge Bard sometimes worked incorrectly on the undead – fixed;
  • Swarm Infest didn’t automatically devour the target – fixed;
  • Swarm That Walks and Gold Dragon had wrong mythic ability and mythic feat progressions – fixed, but retraining will be required for correct work;
  • Swarm That Walks didn’t have the immunity to paralysis effects on level 9 – fixed;
  • The Heroes Never Surrender spell didn’t restore spell slots or abilities – fixed.

Turn-based mode

  • Torlek didn’t leave combat in some situations – fixed.


  • Additional fixes for Half of the Pair;
  • Ring of Sacred Touch’s additional healing from touch spells didn’t work – fixed;
  • Robe of Mephistopheles didn’t work as intended – fixed;
  • Skeletal Finger allowed to quicken unsupported spells, didn’t deplete charges in that case. Furthermore, it used up charges when casting for standard action – fixed;
  • Source of Dividing Power’s unholy quality could not be used – fixed;
  • The mechanics of Promise of Greatness has been reworked.


  • After acquiring all possible bonus feats, the next level up could become blocked – fixed;
  • Legend’s XP was displayed incorrectly – fixed.


  • Fixed an issue with retraining a character into a class with an animal companion and using a pre-made build;
  • Fixed macOS version getting stuck on loading sometimes;
  • Fixed the crash when using Scorching Ray with Ring of Pyromania and Sarenrae’s Blessing effect;
  • Fixed the issue with the loot not showing when the dismembered corpse is too far;
  • Mounted animal companions refused to exit areas – fixed;
  • Various optimizations to reduce memory consumption, especially on low-memory configurations.

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