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Persona 5 Strikers – Armor List and Stats

This guide will be covering the details of all armors that you can equip in Persona 5 Strikers. Check out the list below for the detailed list of Persona 5 Strikers armors.

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Person 5 Strikers Armor List

Male Armor

Armor Defense Description
Long Hoodie 25 A long hoodie made with breathable fabric.
Tanktop 25 A red tanktop that shows off the wearer’s strength.
Shoulder Pads 36 Protective pads for your shoulders.
Burnetch 46 A space-age shirt that retains body heat.
Survival Vest 58 A bulletproof vest used by survivalists.

Female Armor

Armor Defense Description
Pink Dress 24 A sharp, sophisticated dress.
Off-Shoulder Top 24 A fashionable shirt.
Biker Jacker 25 A biker jacket that focuses on functionality over comfort.
Battle Camisole 34 A camisole made from carbon fibers.
Magic Camisole 44 A camisole that responds to magic.
Robust Apron 56 A versatile apron that works for cooking, carpentry, and combat.

Genderless Armor

Armor Defense Description
Padded Shirt 34 A T-shirt made with tough fibers. Has high defense.
Lynx Camo Vest 44 A vest worn by snipers to help keep awake and alert.

Mona’s Exclusive Armor

Armor Defense Description
Neckerchief 25 A yellow neckerchief made from mysterious materials.
Skill Scarf 34 A lightweight silk scarf.
Cat Sweater 46 A warm knit sweater made specifically for cats.
Breeze Scarf 58 A very thin and light scarf.

Oracle’s Exclusive Armor

Armor Defense Description
Olive Jacket 24 A summer jacket that’s easy to move around in.
Hacker Gear MK-I 60 A bodysuit designed for hacking that increases your typing speed.

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