Phasmophobia – Types of Photos and Profit Guide

This Phasmophobia guide will be covering the different types of photos that you can take in the game. This will also detail the maximum and possible profit that you will be gaining from your photos.


Photos With Good to High Profit

Ghost Photos

  • If a picture of the ghost is taken either during it manifesting or hunting, this will count as a ghost photo. A photo can also be taken of where the ghost appeared after it disappears and it will count as an interaction photo.

NOTE: You can only take ONE PHOTO of the ghost for money. Taking multiple photos of the ghost does not give you extra money.

Bone Photos

  • One bone can be found in every map. If you take a picture of it, it will land you extra money. Make sure to pick it up after taking a photo of it so you get money for finding it.

Ouija Board Photos

  • If an Ouija Board is found, you can take a picture of it for money. Additionally, you can take a picture of the board as it is answering a question (i.e when it is moving), as this counts as an interaction photo.
  • It is a viable tactic to ask the Ouija Board lots of questions in order to fill out your photos, but be careful as failed questions will severely drain sanity.

Fingerprint Photos

  • I have put this one in brackets as it is only certain types of ghosts that create fingerprints as evidence. If you are dealing with a fingerprint ghost, you can take a picture of a door, light switch or window that has a fingerprint, and it will count a fingerprint photo. This is especially strong on maps with lots of doors, such as prison, as you can take many fingerprint photos.
  • You don’t have to shine the UV light on the door, window or light switch as you are taking the photo.
  • If you are dealing with a fingerprint ghost, prioritize fingerprint photos over interaction photos, as it pays more.

Interaction Photos

  • Anything that the ghost interacts with, even if it’s a sound (e.g phone ringing, guitar playing), can be taken a picture of for money.
  • Some examples of interaction photos include items that were thrown, ghostwriting, phone buzzing, a phone ringing, door or closet opening/closing.
  • Voodoo dolls appear in set spawn locations on certain maps. If taking a picture of, this will count as an interaction photo.

Photos With Low Profit

Dirty Water

  • Pays very little, there is simply no point to take a picture of dirty water UNLESS it is for an objective. Take interaction photos instead.

Dead Body

  • Pays very little and is quite inconsistent for it to actually count.

Foot Steps

  • Very inconsistent; much more reliable to take interaction photos.

And that’s everything you need to know for this Phasmophobia guide. We would like to thank Eleven for submitting this guide.

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