Pokemon Sword and Shield

How To Beat Milo in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Milo is the first Gym Leader that trainers will encounter in Pokemon Sword and Shield. He can be found in Turffield Gym at Turffield.

Obviously, he is the easiest to beat in the game but knowing that Milo is the first gym leader, it’s obvious that your Pokemon is almost the same level as what he have. To beat Milo, here are the things that you need to know.

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Gym Leader Milo

Milo’s Pokemon Lineup

As a leader of Turffield Gym, Milo is dependent on Grass-type Pokemon. He is using a Gossifleur (Lvl 19) and Eldegoss (Lvl 20). Knowing that these are Grass-type Pokemon, it is weak against Poison, Flying, Bug, Fire, and Ice-type Pokemon.

How to Beat Gym Leader Milo

Before you enter the battle in Turffield Gym, it is advisable that you have a level 20 Pokemon that are effective against Milo’s Pokemon. You may be facing a hard time if you use a low-level Pokemon even if it is a counter to Milo’s Pokemon.

Before you actually fight Milo, you still need to face three trainers under his supervision. These are Samuel with Gossifleur (Lvl 16), Mark with Budew (Lvl 16) and Oddish (Lvl 17), and Leah with Bounsweet (Lvl 17) and Oddish (Lvl 17). Just beat these three trainers and you’ll get a chance to face Milo.

Once you fight Milo, it is advisable to take down his first Pokemon as soon as possible. Milo will be using Eldegoss Gigantamax which will be dealing a huge amount of damage to your Pokemon. With the overtime healing ability of Milo’s Eldegoss, you need to focus on damage and stop his Pokemon from regaining health.

Milo’s Rewards

After you defeated Milo in the battle, you will receive Turffield Gym Badge, TM10: Magic Leaf, Grass-type uniform, and the ability to catch up to level 25 Pokemon in the wild.