GTA Online – How to Get The Gooch Mask

To find Gooch’s mask in GTA Online, you’ll need to wait approximately 45 minutes for The Gooch NPC to appear. This NPC is known for stealing cash and snacks, and can be found in open areas. Once The Gooch appears, you’ll need to defeat him in order to loot the mask, as well as a sum of $25,000. It’s a good idea to be near a car when The Gooch attacks, as you can use the car to catch up to the NPC and run them over before picking up the mask.

Keep in mind that The Gooch will not appear if you are in a mission or inside a building, so it’s best to wait for the NPC in open areas. Once you’ve defeated The Gooch and obtained the mask, you can continue enjoying everything GTA Online has to offer. Good luck on your quest to find Gooch’s mask!

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