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Pokémon Presents Livestream Tomorrow May Reveal New Pokemon Game

In case you’re not aware, there will be a Pokemon Present livestream happening tomorrow. There are still no details what will be tackled in the upcoming event, but as teased in the last week’s Pokemon Present, The Pokemon Company may present their newest Pokemon project.

Just before the end of the presentation last week, Tsunekazu Ishihara said that there will be a big project that will be revealed in the second Pokemon Present presentation. The official stream page is now available on YouTube and if you’re one who is looking forward to seeing what’s coming, you may want to hit the notification bell on their channel.

As scheduled, the 2nd Pokemon Present will start tomorrow, June 24th at exactly 9:00 AM EDT. As you can see, we are using Eastern Daylight Time here which means you have to convert it depending on your local timezone.


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