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How To Get Normal Cofagrigus in Pokemon Sword and Shield

One of the most interesting and useful Pokemon during battles is Cofagrigus. Cofagrigus is a Ghost-type Pokemon that was originally introduced in Generation 5. Similar to the other Pokemon games, Cofagrigus is also available in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and knowing how great this Pokemon, fans surely need to register Cofagrigus on their Pokedex.

But how do you get a non-Galarian Cofagrigus in Pokemon Sword and Shield? In this guide, we’ll tell you exactly how to obtain normal Cofagrigus.

How to obtain Cofagrigus in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Cofagrigus evolved from Pokemon Yamask. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Galarian Yamask usually spawns in Route 6. This Pokemon can be spotted easily in the wild, so make sure to battle and catch them.

Once you already got a Galarian Yamask, go to Ballonlea. Enter the Ballonlea stadium and find the little boy with an Eevee outfit.

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Little Boy with Eevee Costume

Interact with the boy, and he will ask you to trade your Galarian Yamask to his normal Yamask. Accept his request, and you will be getting a normal Yamask that you can level up until it evolves into Cofagrigus.

And that’s all. Want to learn more about Pokemon Sword and Shield? Check out our exclusive Pokemon Sword and Shield guide from this link.

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