PONG Quest

PONG Quest Trophies and Guide for PS4

Developer Chequered Ink and Publisher Atari released the official PONG Quest trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In PONG Quest, players will be collecting 45 trophies consisting of 31 bronze, 10 silver, 3 gold, and 1 platinum. 10 out of 45 trophies are secret in which we already revealed. Check out the full PONG Quest trophies for PS4 below.

PONG Quest Trophies

Suited & BootedChange your outfitBronze Trophy
VictorWin 100 battlesBronze Trophy
VanquisherWin 200 battlesBronze Trophy
ConquerorWin 400 battlesSilver Trophy
AtarianWin 800 battlesGold Trophy
High HealsUse 100 healing ballsBronze Trophy
Wrecking BallDestroy 100 obstacles with ballsBronze Trophy
Animal ActivistRelease 100 creatures from ballsBronze Trophy
Rising InfectionAfflict 100 status conditions upon opponentsBronze Trophy
Game of SpillSpill fluids on the field 100 timesBronze Trophy
Fast ForwardUse 100 accelerating ballsBronze Trophy
Bouncing IdeasUse 100 balls with irregular bouncingBronze Trophy
BallisticUse 10,000 ballsSilver Trophy
Health ConsciousUpgrade your HP 3 times in a single QuestBronze Trophy
Lots of SlotsUpgrade your inventory size 3 times in a single QuestBronze Trophy
Luck of the IrishCollect 3 Shamrocks in a single QuestBronze Trophy
OrienteeringUpgrade your map in 3 ways in a single QuestBronze Trophy
Level HeadedReach level 5Bronze Trophy
Spirit LevelReach level 10Bronze Trophy
Top LevelReach level 25Silver Trophy
Mute SaladDefeat a boss without using any special ballsBronze Trophy
Panic at the DojoDefeat an enemy while you are on critical HPBronze Trophy
Killer PillarsDefeat an enemy with Pillar and Narrow Balls' effects activeBronze Trophy
This is AwkwardDefeat an enemy while wearing the same outfit as themSilver Trophy
Green LightComplete a puzzle by turning on lightsBronze Trophy
Match MakerComplete a puzzle by matching symbolsBronze Trophy
On Reflection...Complete a puzzle by rotating mirrorsBronze Trophy
Cerebral VortexEnter and complete 10 wild challenge vorticesBronze Trophy
O-Key Do-KeyUse keys 20 timesBronze Trophy
One in a MillinerObtain every hatSilver Trophy
Skin DeepObtain every skinSilver Trophy
Fashion ForwardObtain every accessorySilver Trophy
Tux ShopObtain every suitSilver Trophy
Crystal BallObtain every ballGold Trophy
Pong Quest ConquestComplete every other trophyPlatinum Trophy

PONG Quest Secret Trophies

Bumpin' the KnightBeat Knight Derek in the Training DungeonBronze Trophy
Pong Arm of the LawBeat Jailbird in Breakdown PenitentiaryBronze Trophy
Last LegsBeat Centipaddle in Crawling ForestBronze Trophy
Every Witch WayBeat Berthilda in Frosted PantheonBronze Trophy
SpaceshipwreckedBeat Mothership in Outer CelestiaSilver Trophy
Terra RisingBeat Emerald Centipaddle in the Earth ZoneBronze Trophy
Easy LavaBeat Onyx Mothership in the Fire ZoneBronze Trophy
Critical SinkingBeat Opal Jailbird in the Water ZoneBronze Trophy
To Bee or Not To BeeBeat Indigo Berthilda in the Air ZoneSilver Trophy
11-0Complete Quest ModeGold Trophy

If you think we made a mistake on the listed PONG Quest trophies above, feel free to leave a comment or contact us.

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