Upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 Update 1.2 to Fix Driving, Police Movements, and More

CD Projekt Red has revealed new details of the upcoming major update of Cyberpunk 2077. Although patch 1.2 does not yet have a certain date to arrive at the game, the developer said that it will fix some of the known problems involving the police response to the player’s actions and also bring improvements to vehicle control and walking.

When committing crimes in Night City, on purpose or by mistake, the player is often taken by surprise at the agility with which the city’s police force appears to pursue him. The settings of update 1.2 should modify in what situations the police arrive shooting. Officers should not appear directly behind the player and should take longer to reach the site in general, usually sending a drone first.

Movement with both vehicles and on foot will become more fluid, with consistent speed when playing at up to 60 FPS. In addition, the patch will improve vehicle control to prevent them from getting caught between objects in the scenario. As for the movement in general, the dodge system will be completely redone and the player of the PC version will have more control over the configuration of the hotkeys.

The Cyberpunk 2077 update 1.2 was scheduled for February but was delayed by CD Projekt RED. Upon its release, the studio must work on additional free content and also on the game version for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, which will come as a free update for those who already have the PS4 and Xbox One game.

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