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Preview: One Piece Chapter 1012

One Piece Chapter 1012 is just around the corner. Now that the previous chapter of Eiichiro Oda’s top hit One Piece manga series is out, many fans are now thrilled to see the next event for the series.

If you’re one of the One Piece manga enthusiasts out there who are waiting for the next chapter, make sure to read this whole article as we will be sharing you all the details that we know about Chapter 1012. Details including its release date, ways to read online, and potential spoilers will be discussed here. Also, we will be having a short recap of the events that happened in the last chapter of the One Piece manga.


Previous Chapter Recap

Chapter 1011 of the One Piece manga picks up where it actually ended. After being saved by Prometheus, Big Mom has returned with a new Homie on her side. Both Kid and Killer are caught off guard with the return of Big Mom.

Upon the return of Big Mom, she immediately attacked Kid and Killer using her new Homie named Hera. Hera’s full abilities is still unknown but it already showed one of his power which is lightning.

Big Mom’s attack made a huge hole on the flying island, resulting to Kid and Killer fall to the floor where they met Hawkins. Due to Kid being attacked, Zeus got freed. Their plan to separate the two Yonko is still the top most priority. So Kid decided to leave Hawkins to his comrades hands.

The scene of the manga proceeds to Nami, Ussop, and Tama who are being chased by Page 1. As they are being chased, they accidentally met Big Mom. Both the Straw Hat Pirates are terrified until Tama speak with Big Mom.

Big Mom has a thing called Mothering Mode where she acts like a mother to kids under 10 years old. Big Mom thanked Tama for giving her food while she had amnesia. However, Tama told her what happened to Okobore Town. After hearing the story from Tama, Big Mom got furious and turned his anger to the Beasts Pirates.

Shortly after, we have seen Page 1 getting excited when he saw Big Mom on the area. Thinking that Big Mom was still on their side, she launched an attack towards Nami and the others. However, Big Mom stands up and attacked him to protect Tama and release her anger after hearing what happened to the town where she received a good hospitality.

Just before the manga chapter ends, Zeus has arrived on the same area and sees Big Mom. Ulti, who witnessed what happened to Page 1, is still shocked. What could be the next event for the series?

One Piece Chapter 1012 Release Date

One Piece manga series has been regularly releasing new chapter every week. The staff usually announce if there will be a delay or schedule changes for the release of the next chapter. As for the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1012, it seems that we will be getting it on its regular schedule. That being said, expect to get the new chapter on Sunday, May 2, 2021.

Read One Piece Chapter 1012 Online

Due to the popularity of the manga series, it’s not surprising to see many unauthorized websites uploading a copy of the series. But why do you have to rely from these illegal websites if you can read the One Piece manga for free? Luckily, the official distributors including Viz Media and Manga Plus by Shueisha is offering free access to the latest chapter of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga. This only means that you can legally read the One Piece Chapter 1012 for free!

One Piece Chapter 1012 Spoilers and Predictions

The cliffhanger of the last chapter surely gave us a lot of theories for the next install. Knowing that Big Mom already got a new Homie, which is similar to Zeus, there’s a chance that Big Mom will abandon Zues. This will give Nami a chance to take back Zues and officially make the Homie as her ally. Kid may also find Big Mom but he won’t be engaging to her as Big Mom will be busy fighting Kaido’s subordinates.

What do you think will happen in the next chapter? Feel free to share your prediction in the comments below.

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