PUBG Miramar Desert Map Frame Rate Test On I7-8700K And GTX 1080 TI

Duderandom84 yer with another performance test video. This time, a bit different and unexpected, the new PUBG Desert Map, Miramar. The test has been done on I7-8700K while playing at 1440p. What differs from previous PUBG tests done by others similar to this configuration, is that Miramar and PUBG as a whole are by far better optimized than it used to be before.

We do not know if the difficulties are inside the core of the game, or the problem can be found on the map, but the Frame Rate performance on Miramar is by far better than Erangel. Thanks to DudeRandom84, we can agree to the same. The thing is that even lower end machines can board PUBG’s demands.

Below you can find DudeRandom84’s frame rate performance test video:

This will do nothing else but certainly boost the game’s popularity, only if it occurs changes to be applied to both of the maps. Recently, Bluehole has also announced that PUBG leaves early access and enters 1.0, which will cause a two-hour maintenance. This has been tweeted on PUBATTLEGROUNDS Twitter Profile. You can find the tweet below.

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