Puppet Master The Game – Where to Find the Pyramid Room

In this guide, I just tell you where the pyramid room is because I struggled a bit to find it at first.

Before you start!

The side challenges for extra EXP is to complete all tasks as puppet without losing a life. So before you do the pyramid, I would recommend killing the agent first, grabbing some health and doing the room so you don’t run into him on the way and lose health. There will be two mummies in the room who are trying to prevent you from destroying the pyramid. They do a bit of damage when they land a hit, and they can also jump with you. They won’t follow you out of the room, but they will follow you around the room. Just be cautious.

Step by step

1. Find the elevator and face away from the door, you should see a hallway.

2. Head down the hallway until you see the cart with luggage falling off of it.

3. That’s the hallway you need to head down. At the end of that hallway, you need to go left at a dead end, there is a window and a door on your right side.

4. Enter that room. You’ll know you’re in the right room when you see a moose head covered in spiderwebs.

5. Once further in that room, you should see a vent at the back right corner of the room.

6. Enter that vent, the pyramid room will be the last left vent exit.

7. Congratulations you did it! Or you failed, one or the other.

This room is locked behind a skull door, so you won’t be able to enter through that way. If this guide helped you, leave a like, comment, maybe even an award! Hope this helped you out, in case you were struggling like I was at first.

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