Raji: An Ancient Epic

Raji: An Ancient Epic Trophies for PS4

Developer Nodding Heads Games and publisher have released the official and complete list of Raji: An Ancient Epic trophies for PlayStation 4.

As seen on the details, PlayStation 4 owners will be able to collect a total of 21 trophies consisting of 21 bronze trophies. Unfortunately, the list doesn’t reveal any silver, gold, or platinum trophy.

Check out the full list of trophies for Raji: An Ancient Epic. Guides on how to obtain these trophies are also included below.

Raji: An Ancient Epic

Raji: An Ancient Epic Trophies

  • Durga’s Blessing
    The trishul, granted by the Goddess of War, Durga

  • The Birth of Durga
    Listen to the complete story about the birth of Goddess Durga

  • The Ruins
    Complete the level “The Ruins”

  • The Avatars of Durga
    Learn about all the nine avatars of Goddess Durga

  • Vishnu’s Blessing
    Sharanga, a mighty bow, granted by Lord Vishnu

  • The Legend of Shakti
    Learn about Shakti, the primordial cosmic energy

  • Exploring The Fortress
    Find all Favor orbs in The Fortress of Jaidhar

  • The Fortress of Jaidhar
    Complete the level “The Fortress of Jaidhar”

  • The Legend of Garuda
    Listen to the complete story about Garuda

  • The Avatars of Vishnu
    Learn about all the avatars of Lord Vishnu

  • Warrior’s Poise
    Nandaka and Srivatsa, the sword and shield of Lord Vishnu

  • Exploring The Golden City
    Find all Favor orbs in Hiranya Nagari

  • Hiranya Nagari
    Complete the level “Hiranya Nagari”

  • Tales from The Mystical lands
    Listen to all the stories from the Mystical lore

  • Shiva’s Blessing
    The Ice elemental, a gift from Lord Shiva

  • Exploring The Mystical lands
    Find all Favor orbs in Land of the Mystics

  • Favor of the Gods
    Find all Favor orbs in the game

  • Land of the Mystics
    Complete the level “Land of the Mystics”

  • The Dream
    Complete the level “The Dream”

  • The Deserts of Thar
    Complete the level “The Deserts of Thar”

  • Raji and Golu
    Complete the game

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