Retreat To Enen

Retreat To Enen Controls and Shortcuts Guide

Retreat To Enen is an open-world survival video game set in 3600 CE. In the game, you will be exploring Enen and your task is to find your place in the world.

With all the activities and actions that you’re about to encounter, it’s always best to have a basic knowledge of the game. Start your journey by learning the default Retreat To Enen controls.

Retreat To Enen Controls

The following are the default Retreat To Enen key bindings and shortcuts. You can change these default controls in the Input Settings of the game.

Cook / DrinkQ
Menu AcceptLeft Mouse Button
Menu BackRight Mouse Button
Craft AcceptLeft Mouse Button
Craft CancelRight Mouse Button
Tool WheelR
CrouchLeft Alt
Bow DrawRight Mouse Button
Bow ShootLeft Mouse Button
Spear AttackLeft Mouse Button
Toggle Quantum ControlX
Pin Crafting MenuZ
Retreat To Enen Controls

Apart from the mouse and keyboard support, the developer has also confirmed that Retreat To Enen has full controller support. If you’re planning to play the game using a gamepad controller, here are the default actions that you can use in the game:

While the game officially supports the use of a controller, there’s a chance that you may face some in-game issues while using a gamepad in the game. If this occurs, you can use our Retreat to Enen controller troubleshooting guide to resolve the problem.

With all the listed Retreat To Enen controls above, you can now start your journey in Enen. Make sure that you’re aware of your surroundings as there are lots of lurking threats waiting for you.