ROA Rest or Awake

ROA (Rest or Awake) Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can get 100% achievements in ROA Rest or Awake. If you’re one of the players trying to obtain all ROA achievements, this one is for you.

ROA Achievement Guide

There’s a total of 3 achievements in ROA. All of the achievements are hidden. We already revealed the description of the three achievements, along with the guide below.

Resting Resting
Everybody ceases

Click with LMB while aiming at every creature until they stop moving. Keep clicking on RMB to help you see better.

You should have a full sentence when done correctly and the text will disappear once all creatures are frozen. The sentence should be read, if you click on a creature when it already was frozen the sentence will turn black. This can help quickly checking if a creature is awake or not.

Open Eye Open Eye
Enter the extrance

Once all creatures are frozen, a big circular gate should appear near the creatures. Head inside and you will see an ending with white text appearing on the screen.

Reawoken Reawoken
Everybody moves on

For this achievement repeat the process of freezing every creature.

  • Once the text disappears don’t go through the gate, instead, click on all creatures again to make them move and form a new sentence.
  • Once all creatures are awake a white text will appear on the screen.

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