Rumbleverse Meditative

Rumbleverse Meditative | How to Heal Without Using Items

Rumbleverse isn’t just your usual battle royale video game, as it comes with unique features and abilities that you can take advantage of. One of the features in Rumbleverse is called Perks, where players will be able to receive random passive bonuses while playing the game.

While there are lots of perks that will help you win the game, one of the most useful so far is the Meditative perk. This perk will allow users to heal without relying on any items in the game. Read on as we tell you everything about how the Meditative perk works.

How to Meditate in Rumbleverse?

Meditating in Rumbleverse is only possible once you get the Meditative perk. Getting this perk in the game depends on your luck, as perks are randomly given out.

Once you are able to get the Meditative perk, you can meditate in the game by simply standing still for 2 seconds. After 2 seconds, your character should start meditating. The effect of the Meditative perk will regenerate your health for a total of 25 points per second.

How to Get the Rumbleverse Meditative Perk?

Unfortunately, there is no exact method to get this perk in the game. What you can do is fill the gauge meter until you manage to get the perk. For those who are still not aware, perks are given randomly.

In Rumbleverse, there are a total of 15 perks, which means that players only have a 6.66% chance of obtaining the Meditative perk. Once you receive the perk, then it’s time for you to take advantage of its effect while taking down your opponents.

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