SCUM Update Is Out, Cellphone and New Traps Added

Developer Gamepires has released the newest SCUM update version on PC adding new contents and fixing known bugs and issues in the game.

The main highlight of this update is the addition of new traps in SCUM. There are three new traps in the game and all of them are non-lethal. This includes the Flare alarm trap, Firework alarm trap, and Silent alarm trap.

The Flare and Firework alarm trap works the same. If any players who crossed your property, the alarm trap will shot in the air. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to let your enemy knows that you know their location, you can use the Silent alarm trap. Once triggered, you will receive a notification on your cellphone that someone has entered your property, making it easier for you to attack them by surprise. Speaking of cellphones, this is a new item that you can buy in the game.

SCUM New Traps

There are still lots of changes in this update. To learn more about the update, feel free to read the update changelog below.

SCUM Update Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug where you couldn’t use the Kitchen knife to destroy chests.
  • Fixed the bug when crafting Cantonese sweet and sour, optional ingredients would not be used.
  • Fixed the car pushing physics.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to build foundations on top of cabins
  • Fixed the bug where stake pit traps were indestructible
  • Fixed the bug where cargo drops would not spawn in Single Player
  • Fixed the bug where carrying wooden logs would sometime make you a human cobra
  • Fixed the exploit where it was possible to search another player through walls
  • Fixed the bug where items would vanish if picked up too quickly
  • Fixed the bug where squad limit would be set to 0 till Squad leader came online
  • Fixed the bug where mine kills won’t give you the “Claim Kill” option
  • Fixed the bug where achievements would not get updated
  • Fixed the bug where lighting fireworks would not use fire source usage
  • Fixed the bug where boombox would clip through the floor when thrown

QoL Additions

  • Added tutorial intro to the bomb defusal minigame
  • Adjusted lights on defusal minigame
  • Vehicle battery drain when starting the engine, using horn, lights or radio is reduced by 50%
  • Sped up game time by 10%, allowing more diverse time of day during playthrough.
  • More optimizations

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