Sector's Edge

Sector’s Edge Update 178.5.21 Patch Notes

Developer and publisher Vercidium has officially released the newest Sector’s Edge update 178.5.21 on Steam. The new update has been rolled out today, October 2, 2020, addressing some of the known issues in the game.

As seen on the official release notes, this new patch for Sector’s Edge highlights the removal of the bottleneck that have been causing FPS issues in the game. Furthermore, the patch also includes more bug fixes and optimization.

If you’re wondering what are the exact changes in this update, feel free to check the release notes below.

Sector's Edge

Sector’s Edge Update 178.5.21 Patch Notes


  • Removed bottleneck that’s causing most of the FPS issues
  • Smoother framerate and raw mouse input handling
  • Fixed ‘Override Screen Resolution’ being always enabled on startup


  • Smaller and less intrusive player names


  • Faster player visibility and sound raymarching
  • Game logic CPU and memory optimisations
  • Bitmap rendering optimisations


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