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Should You Buy PS4 in 2019 or Wait for the Release of PS5 Next Year?

Now that Sony has officially confirmed and announced that the next-gen console PS5 is coming in 2020, one of the biggest questions right now is that is it worth it to get a PlayStation 4 console this year or wait for until the PlayStation 5 releases next year.

In my personal opinion, yes, grabbing a PS4 right now is worth it. Wondering why? Continue reading below for the reasons why you should get a new console.

PlayStation 4

Due to the PlayStation 5 announcement, lots of stores are doing their best to sell their stock of the PS4 before the new console arrives. With the upcoming Black Friday 2019, expect big discounts on PS4 consoles and PS4 games. But why you should get it?

If you haven’t owned a PS4 yet, be informed that there are lots of great games that have been released in the platform these past few years. Some of them are PS4 exclusives like God of War, Spider-man, Uncharted, and The Last of Us. And with the upcoming release of The Last of Us Part 2, grabbing a PS4 is really worth it.

Infamous Second Son PS4

Apart from the game discounts that you will be getting, the upcoming PlayStation 5 will feature backward compatibility, which means that all the games that you have purchased for the PS4 will be working on PS5.

Once the PS5 officially releases, the value of PlayStation 4 will dropdown. But don’t worry, you can still use your PS4 as a DVD player or make it as an alternative player to watch Netflix, Hulu, etc.

I mentioned above that the value of PS4 would go down, but it will not be too low during the first few months of the release of PS5. Similar to what happened when the PS4 releases last 2013, it is expected that it will take a few months to transit most of the fan base to PS5. Also, the new games for the PS5 are still limited during its first year, making the PS4 a better choice to play.

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