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Solo Leveling Chapter 110 Release Date and Chapter 109 Recap

The Solo Leveling Chapter 110 is fast approaching and fans are excited to read the chapter as the previous event just revealed an interesting fact about Sung Jin-Woo’s power. Continue reading as we guide you when and where to read the 110th chapter of Solo Leveling Manhwa.

Solo Leveling Chapter 109 Recap

The previous chapter just introduced another character of the Federal Bureau of Hunters from the United States. She was Norma Selner who has the ability called Upgrader where she can unlock and increase the power limit of a hunter.

Due to her ability, some of the strong hunters such as Hwang Dong-Su decided to move to America. The agent is offering Jin-Woo to unlike his potential using Selner and lure him to join the hunters in the United States.

To give a taste of how Jin-Woo will unlock more of his power, Selner asked him to hold her hands and look into her eyes. The agent thinks that Jin-Woo will be greedy upon seeing more of his potential but unexpected things happened.

Instead of seeing another level of power, Norma Selner sees a limitless power lying on Jin-Woo. She finds himself shaking and shocked at what she saw. According to her Jin-Woo is a powerful king and he does not have a limit.

Solo Leveling Chapter 110 Release Date and Reading Guide

Solo Leveling is a webtoon originally published in the Korean language. You can read Solo Leveling Chapter 110 on March 18, 2020. Given the fact that it is in the Korean language and no official English translation, you need to rely on scanlations provided by independent providers.

There are lots of websites that you can read Solo Leveling Chapter 110 with English translations such as Jaiminis Box. Meanwhile, you can visit KakaoPage for the official release of Solo Leveling Manwha.

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