Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley – Getting Started Guide

This guide will be covering some of the most useful tips to know for your first few days in Stardew Valley. If you’re a new player of Stardew Valley, make sure to check the detailed guide below.

Getting Started in Stardew Valley

Basic Controls

  • W – Move Up
  • A – Move Left
  • S – Move Down
  • D – Move Right
  • Left Click – Use tool or place item
  • Right Click – Check/Do Action
  • Escape – Open Menu
  • F – Open Journal
  • M – Open Map window
  • Y – Open Emote Menu
  • T – Chat Box
  • F4 – Screenshot mode

Preparing Your First Harvest

  • Use your axe, pickaxe, and scythe on the logs, stones, grass and bushes on your farm to clear about 15 tiles.
  • Use your hoe to till the soil and plant the 15 Parsnip Seeds provided by Mayor Lewis.
  • Use your watering can to water your seeds and soil.
  • Continue watering your crops every day until they grow into harvestable crops. Your parsnips will be ready to harvest in 4 days.
  • Crops need to be watered daily in order to grow. The starting watering can only water one tile at a time and can be refilled at any pond, river, or other body of water.

Stardew Valley


  • Energy limits productivity. One of the main ways to overcome this is by eating food. Eating food is an action, for which default controls are Right Click or type X with the food highlighted in your inventory and then click Yes in the confirmation dialogue to eat the food. Most crops and many foraged items can be eaten in order to regain energy.
  • Aleeping at the end of the day will restore the players’ energy. After 12:00AM, the player won’t restore 100% of the energy. If the player is exhausted when they go to bed or forced sleep at 2:00 AM, they’ll wake up in the morning with their energy level about half restored.
  • On Multiplayer, lying in bed will regain energy over time.

Stardew Valley


  • To level up skills, the player must complete certain actions related to that skill. Farming XP is earned by harvesting a fully grown crop and taking care of animals. Foraging XP is earned by foraging or chopping down trees. Mining XP is earned by breaking rocks and ore deposits. Fishing and using crab pots will increase fishing XP. Killing monsters will increase combat XP.
  • As the skill level increases, the player will earn crafting recipes (every level except level 5 and 10) or professions (on level 5 and 10).
  • Professions (level 5 and 10) can give the player a boost on yielding products, including more products gained, additional selling price, using fewer inventories and others. The players choice of a level 5 profession will determine which profession choices are available at level 10.

Stardew Valley

Villagers & Friendship

  • Giving gifts to villagers will increase their friendship rating. You can give a gift by highlighting it in your inventory or selecting it by typing its hotkey number and then left clicking on the person to whom you wish to give the item. As friendship is earned villagers will send cooking recipes or gifts through the mail, give you access to their bedrooms, and treat you differently in dialogue. Unique cutscenes and interactions can also occur as friendship is earned. The player must also earn a high level of friendship in order to date, and eventually marry, an eligible villager.

Stardew Valley

And that’s all for this Stardew Valley guide folks. Do you have more suggestions? Share it with us by leaving a comment below.

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