Stellaris Update 2.7.2 Beta Patch Notes

Developer Paradox Interactive has released a new update for Stellaris. The new update carries patch version 2.7.2 which aims to address bugs and issues in the game.

Currently, the new Stellaris update 2.7.2 is only available in the beta branch which means that it still needs to be tested before pushing it the main game. The developer has set up a beta branch on Steam which you can access by going the Stellaris properties on the Steam app. Look for the betas tab and select Stellaris_test branch.

For those who are planning to try the new update in the beta branch, it is highly not recommended to save important game progress in the beta branch. According to the developer, never try to load game saves from version 2.7.1 in the beta branch.

To learn more about the changes implemented in this update, make sure to read the release notes below.

Stellaris Update 2.7.2 Patch Notes

Stability and Performance

  • Crash fix related to animated GUIs.
  • Fixed pops checking factions daily, which was the cause of the performance issues.


  • Fixed a bug when AI won’t upgrade starbases if already reached max cap for starbases

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed _grey_grey_grey_grey… Text.
  • If you pacify space crystals, roaming space crystal fleets will be neutral to you.
  • The final results event for the Trade League Join Operation now reliably fires.
  • You can no longer select energy or resources you don’t have access to through the top bar.
  • Removed error spam due to invalid contact location with empires that have no capital. A contact location will now more reliably be found.
  • Fixed a little check to exclude non-psychic Pops from the job entirely.
  • Killing the Tiyanki Matriarch now only displeases the Galactic Community if the Tiyanki Conservation Act has actually passed.
  • Tweaked a few snags.
  • Dynamic flags should now make Shoulders of Giants Arc Sites “belong” to its respective user.
  • Secessionist rebellions can now only happen on a planet if at least one pop has happiness.
  • Added colony_event flag – and the removal of it at the end.
  • Fixed so that a smaller type of the same threat pops up if it’s early in the game.
  • Fixed a case where the Great Khan could be both dead and not dead at the same time.
  • Fixed so the correct flag gets placed when allowing slaves again after they’ve been banned by the galactic community.
  • Marauders contact project is now removed from the situation log if you manage to contact them through other means.

Stellaris is available on PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

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