Stray Police Badge: Where and How to Get

One of the requirements to unlock the Stray trophy/achievement called “Badge” is to find the Police Badge. However, you can’t easily find this badge on a plain sight as it is hidden inside the jail. This guide will show you where to find and how to get the Police Badge in Stray.

How to Get Police Badge

Our starting point is at the center of the map, where we see the robot hologram. From there, look to the right side where you can see the bar with a pink logo.

From there, go down the alley on the left. If you have already obtained the worker jacket, then you already know this area. Jump onto the table and climb until you reach the very back of the alley. Use the air conditioning unit as a platform.

Your final destination is to reach the roof, where you can see a window of the jail cell. Jump into the window and enter the prison cell.

Once you’re inside, you should see a dead robot. All you need to do is approach the robot and interact with it to get the Police Badge.

And that’s how you can get the Police Badge in Stray. Looking for more guides? Feel free to browse our Stray guide directory.