Terraria Terraformer | How to Unlock

Developer Re-Logic has just rolled out the update 1.4.4 for Terraria. This new update brings several changes to the game and the addition of some content, including the Terraformer.

The Terraformer is a newly added weapon that comes with unique features. If you’re one of the players who wonder how to get the Terraformer, continue reading below and learn the steps on how to get this item in Terraria.

How to Get the Terraformer

To get the Terraformer in Terraria, first you need to defeat the Moon Lord boss. Once defeated, you can now craft the Terraformer. Use a Clentaminator and put it into the Shimmer. As usual, you only have to wait a few moments until the item is ready.

Terraria Terraformer

Since the Terraformer cannot be reforged, it only means that you cannot use a modifier. Meanwhile, Terraformer offers more coverage as it reaches 95 tiles with a width of 7 tiles. This is way better than the Clentaminator which only has a reach of 60 tiles and 5 tiles of width.

The Terraformer has been introduced in update 1.4.4, also known as the Labor of Love update. This patch has been rolled out on PC, consoles, Nintendo Switch, and mobile versions of the game.

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