The DioField Chronicle

The DioField Chronicle Secret Characters | How to Unlock Donovar, Zoruaq, and Chappleman


  • To unlock the secret characters, you need to complete the sub-quests related to them.

There are lots of new and returning characters in The DioField Chronicles. While these characters are useful to progress in the game, there are some characters that are notably unique. In The DioField Chronicles, there are three secret characters that can be unlocked. These are Donovar, Zoruaq, and Chappleman.

All of these three secret characters are great, especially when you need some damage dealers on your team. If you badly need to have these kinds of characters, then here’s how you can unlock these secret characters in The DioField Chronicles.

How to Unlock the Secret Characters

All of the secret characters in the game can be unlocked by completing a Sub Quest. Here’s where and when you can recruit them.

  • Donovar – To get Donovar, you need to complete the Sub Quest called “A Shield for the People.” Once you completed this Sub Quest, you can recruit Denovar during Chapter 2 of the main story.
  • Zoruaq – Just like Donovar, Zoruaq can be unlocked by completing the Sub Quest called “A Warrior Gets His Wings”. You can recruit Zoruaq to your team in Chapter 4 after completing the Sub Quest.
  • Chappleman – Chappleman is a Wyvern Rider similar to Zoruaq. To unlock this secret character, you need to complete the Sub Quest called “Give to Those Who Reach Out” in Chapter 6. After that, you can recruit him to your team.

When to Use the Secret Characters

The secret characters in The DioField Chronicles are strong enough to help you beat the game. Of all the three characters mentioned above, Donovar has the strongest damage attack power. However, both Zoruaq and Chappleman also have great offense and defense. It is also worth noting that Zoruaq and Chappleman are the best options when dealing with swarm enemies as they have good crowd control.