The Isle

The Isle EVRIMA Update Patch Notes Details

Developer Afterthought LLC has rolled out the newest EVRIMA patch This new update for The Isle can now be downloaded on all supported platforms. Players on Steam can simply launch the game and Steam will automatically download the update for you.

According to the details, Evrima update brings some in-game enhancements and bug fixes. It is also worth noting that the developer has detailed some known major issues in the game, suggesting that the next update may fix these issues.

Anyway, here are the full details of the EVRIMA update

The Isle EVRIMA Update Patch Notes


  • Readded stamina cost based on growth.
  • Improved corpse ragdoll performance with a new implementation system for interactions.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed apply button disappearing after navigating the controls menu.
  • Fixed wallow lockup if the admin entered spectator mode.
  • Fixed Deinosuchus juvenile Eat Loop Swim animation.
  • Fixed a pickup crash caused by PhysicX.

Known Major Issues

  • Characters that have picked something up occasionally cannot eat/drink until safe logging.
  • Deinosuchus lunge replication issues.
  • Group leadership does not transfer.
  • Group leader can occasionally lose kick permissions.
  • Level may take a long time to load/never load.
  • Characters sometimes fail to save correctly.
  • Players may be stuck looking at their corpse unable to respawn.

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