The Leviathan’s Fantasy Update 1.2.3 Patch Notes

In the latest update of the game The Leviathan’s Fantasy (version 1.2.3, released on October 16, 2023), the developers have made several important changes and improvements to enhance the gaming experience.

Firstly, they fixed a bug that caused weapons and armor shops to not generate their default products as they should. Additionally, there was a bug that prevented products from being automatically listed in certain situations, which has also been addressed. Another significant fix involved resolving the issue where Boss skills were causing damage without displaying the corresponding damage numbers, making it difficult for players to gauge the impact of their attacks.

Moreover, the update made adjustments to various aspects of the game, such as reducing the number of buildings that need to be upgraded with the collection of Leviathan. The rate at which the ‘rest’ attribute decreased was also modified to provide a more balanced gaming experience. Furthermore, high-level merchants now sell an increased variety of decorations, adding more customization options for players’ in-game spaces. The developers also fine-tuned the algorithm that determines the combat power rating based on the adventurer’s attributes, aiming to provide a more accurate representation of their capabilities.

The Leviathan’s Fantasy Update 1.2.3 Patch Notes

Fixes and Optimizations

  • Fixed the bug that weapons and armor shops do not produce default products
  • Fixed the bug that products were not automatically listed in certain situations
  • Fixed the bug that Boss skills caused damage without displaying damage numbers
  • The collection of Leviathan reduces the number of buildings that need to be upgraded
  • Fixed the bug that the rest attribute decreased too quickly
  • High-level merchants will sell more decorations
  • Adjusted the algorithm of the adventurer’s attribute to provide a combat power rating.
  • Adjusted Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and Talent Conversion to Other Attribute Values
  • Replaced icon for equipment reinforcement materials
  • Adjusting the price of consumables in the trading house
  • Fixed the bug that abnormal pop-up windows after trading fair settlement
  • Fixed the bug that trading fair settlement pop-up window with a right-click
  • Fixed the bug that trading fair invitation exceptions after loading files

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