The Mean Greens

The Mean Greens Trophies for PS4

Developer and publisher Virtual Basement LLC has released the official The Mean Greens trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In The Mean Greens, players will be collecting 25 trophies consisting of 10 bronze, 7 silver, 7 gold, and 1 platinum trophies. There are no secret trophies in The Mean Greens. Check out the full The Mean Greens trophies for PS4 below.

The Mean Greens Trophies

Meanest GreenYou have won the battle of green vs tan.Platinum Trophy
You Can't Touch ThisMake it all the way to the cup in Kitchen Run without taking any damage.Gold Trophy
100 Flamethrower KillsKill 100 enemies with the Flamethrower.Gold Trophy
100 Grenade KillsKill 100 enemies with the Grenade.Gold Trophy
I'm Gonna Ride ItLand on the shark in Fishtank Frenzy.Gold Trophy
100 Sniper Rifle KillsKill 100 enemies with the Sniper Rifle.Gold Trophy
SurvivorDrop below 20 health and regenerate 5 times without dying.Gold Trophy
100 Flag CapturesCapture the enemy team's flag 100 times.Gold Trophy
Make Some MusicRun up or down every xylophone in Toybox Assault without dying.Silver Trophy
Jump StartHurdle 5 RC cars without getting hit on Toybox Assault.Silver Trophy
Burn Baby BurnDeal 10,000 damage to the dinosaur iceblocks in Deep Freeze.Silver Trophy
UntouchableCapture an enemy flag and bring it back to your base without taking any damage in Fishtank Frenzy.Silver Trophy
100 Shotgun KillsKill 100 enemies with the Shotgun.Silver Trophy
100 Assault Rifle KillsKill 100 enemies with the Assault Rifle.Silver Trophy
100 Bazooka KillsKill 100 enemies with the Bazooka.Silver Trophy
The Green TeamPlay on the Green team 100 times.Bronze Trophy
RoadkillGet hit by the RC cars on Toybox Assault 20 times.Bronze Trophy
The Tan TeamPlay on the Tan team 100 times.Bronze Trophy
Davey Jones' LockerDrown in Bathtub Bash 10 times.Bronze Trophy
20 PlaysPlay 20 roundsBronze Trophy
Slow PokeDon't sprint for an entire game.Bronze Trophy
First Play of the GamePlay your first round.Bronze Trophy
100 DeathsDie 100 times.Bronze Trophy
100 KillsKill 100 enemies.Bronze Trophy
Sinking FeelingSink in the sands of the Fish TankBronze Trophy

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