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The Riftbreaker Stability Update Patch Notes – October 18th

Developer EXOR Studios has rolled out the newest The Riftbreaker update. This new update is focused on fixing the game stability and some minor changes in the game. Below, you will find the complete changelog of this new patch.

Before we dive into the release notes, here are the main highlights of this patch. According to the details, the major change in this new update is the autosave feature. Unlike before, autosaves in The Riftbreaker can no longer be manually overwritten. It is also worth noting that Lua-related crashing issues have finally been addressed.

Apart from these, the October 18th update also made some minor changes in the Volcanic Area Reconnaisance mission. Learn more about the complete changes by checking the complete release notes below.

The Riftbreaker Update on October 18th


  • The game will no longer remove the map save file if autosave removal fails – this should prevent users from losing progress while jumping between planetary locations. Affected save files are gone forever, but hopefully, this will never happen again. We are terribly sorry this ever happened in the first place.
  • Autosaves can no longer be manually overwritten.
  • The game will attempt to create a unique save backup directory for every save state.
  • Fixed infinite loading/saving when access to the save backup directory is denied for any reason.
  • Fixed Lua crash related to building/selling buildings during regular gameplay.
  • Fixed several crashes in the inventory screen, the fog of war system, and the weapon mod system.
  • We changed the method for enumerating possible monitors and output resolutions. It will prevent the game from crashing if there are more than 512 combinations of output resolution/display present.
  • The game should correctly identify the system language and default to that localization without any need for manual setup.
  • D3D12: add logs to adapter detection if some API call fails – this will allow us to fix DX12-related issues more quickly in the future.
  • WorldEffectSystem: fixed potential earthquake instant kill
  • The game will no longer display LUA assertions that could interrupt your gameplay.
  • Commands.lua: make cheat_add_resource ironium work – it now adds the proper resource.
  • Sound: fixed crash in MusicPlayerEmulator on pause.
  • Save file size has been reduced by introducing some optimizations.

Volcanic Area Reconnaisance mission

  • Forced a larger minimum number of cryoplants to spawn on the map to prevent bad RNG instances.
  • Increased the chance of spawning large cryoplants instead of small cryoplants to provide more scannable objects.
  • Increased the bioscanner hint display time to encourage using the scanner instead of destroying the plants.
  • Destroyed Cryoplants will now regrow over time to always be present on the Volcanic Area Reconnaisance mission.

Minor changes

  • Tweaked the size of loot containers
  • Increased chance to receive a skin for Mr. Riggs after opening a Bioanomaly.
  • Increased chance for mod drop from all enemies.
  • Fixed lights in Small Machine Gun and Minigun projectiles.
  • Achievements: do not trigger achievemements in benchmark mode.

This new update has been implemented on The Riftbreaker build 7554464 on Steam.

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