Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms Update 1.5.1 Patch Notes Released, Minor Adjustments and Balancing

Total War: Three Kingdoms’ developer has released the newest update 1.5.1 for the game to address known bugs and issues in the game.

As seen in the release notes, the new Total War: Three Kingdoms update 1.5.1 has fixed game crashes, character and weapon adjustments, and more. In addition, the patch version 1.5.1 also includes stability and performance improvements.

To learn more about the other changes on this update, check the full changelog below.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Update 1.5.1 Patch Notes

  • Fixed crash introduced in 1.5.1 that would occur after a campaign had progressed for a good number of turns
  • Also fixed crash on loading save games caused by the above issue
  • Fix for a UI issue that flagged an “unknown build number” when loading a saved game. Save games can safely be loaded despite the prompt from the UI as the issue is with the UI, not the save
  • Fix that stops faction income showing differently once a saved game is loaded
  • More issues around alliance-war peace issues fixed
  • A full fix for Fervour not being turned off properly after the Mandate War ends
  • Fixed issues around bandit faction unique units and bandit network unit caps
  • Zheng Jiang can again request tribute from non-bandit factions
  • Fixed the missing prime minister court position in Mandate of Heaven
  • Fixed an issue where Titles were not unlocking correctly once a save had loaded
  • Confederation is available again as a diplomatic option once you become King/Emperor
  • Fixed an issue where effects from buildings and assignments to reduce Fervour wasn’t working in the Mandate of Heaven campaign
  • Fixed issue where some Yellow Turban buildings in Mandate campaign required some techs from the main campaign
  • Bandit minor settlements can now gain population properly
  • Fixed a bug where if Yan Baihu was attacked while using Poison Volley ability he became stuck and unable to move or fight for the rest of the battle
  • Fixed an issue where the political influence bars were not showing up for Liu Hong on his court screen
  • Fixed an issue where if Lü Bu has administrators and accepted an event to move to Liu Bei’s territory those administrators were unassigned
  • Fixed a crash caused by Requesting Tribute from a faction which is the target of a Mercenary Contract
  • Tao Qian set so he can no longer spawn into the A World Betrayed campaign (as he’s absolutely meant to be dead)
  • Cheng Yu will no longer leave Cao Cao in A World Betrayed on turn one if the player starts a legendary campaign
  • Pang Ji will no longer leave Yuan Shao in A World Betrayed on turn one if the player starts a legendary campaign
  • Cai Mao has been added to Liu Biao’s faction in A World Betrayed

Total War: Three Kingdoms is available on Windows PC via Steam.


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