TramSim Munich

TramSim Munich Update Patch Notes

Developer ViewApp is now rolling out the latest TramSim Munich update, and we have the complete list of changes for you to read. According to the official release notes, patch brings a lot of bug fixes to vehicles, AI pedestrians, and AI cars. In addition to these, the update also adds in-game performance improvements.

Unfortunately, since the previous TramSim Munich update, players have been experiencing a lot of in-game issues. With today’s update, these issues should now be fixed.

TramSim Munich patch is now available for download on all supported platforms. The download file size for this new patch was not revealed by the developer.

TramSim Munich Update Patch Notes


  • Bugfix: In some places curbs were displayed incorrectly
  • Bugfix: Certain game settings were reset after an update (Affected settings: Audio, AI, Graphics)
  • Bugfix: The announcement for the stop Münchner Freiheit was not played
  • Bugfix: The contact signal “K” was permanently disabled for some signals
  • Bugfix: After an update the keyboard assignments were changed or reset
  • Bugfix: In the interactive guide the arrow to advance was displayed incorrectly
  • The traffic light circuits at the Schwabinger Tor were adjusted
  • Addition of the guidance system for the blind at the Nordendstraße station
  • At most of the stops, the stop points are now adapted to the guide systems for the blind
  • The LZA function, which is used at the stops Scheidplatz and Münchner Freiheit to request a green phase at departure, is now explained in the tutorial and can also be looked up in the general help under IBIS
  • Adjustment of the brightness at night
  • An interactive guide with higher priority does no longer automatically change the chapter if you have already browsed through an existing manual

Vehicle R2.2b

  • Bugfix: Following AI trams created wrong reflections in the windshield of the players vehicle
  • Bugfix: When starting up manually, the status messages regarding parking brake, pantograph, etc. were not displayed in the MMI
  • Bugfix: When starting up manually “28 Sendlinger Tor” was always displayed as destination in the matrix
  • Bugfix: In some situations “Haltebremse ein” (Parking brake on) was wrongly displayed in the MMI display
  • Bugfix: TSP for “Perfect stop” were calculated incorrectly
  • Bugfix: Passengers disappeared after getting out of the vehicle
  • Bugfix: Getting out of the cockpit was not always possible in the first person view

AI pedestrians and cars

  • Bugfix: In certain situations it happened that pedestrians and passengers did not appear in the game anymore
  • Bugfix: In various places on the map cars disobeyed traffic rules or blocked other cars
  • Bugfix: Pedestrians ignored green phases at some intersections and got stuck in some situations
  • Bugfix: At Hohenzollernplatz pedestrians often jammed up
  • Bugfix: KI trams were only creeping at the Sendlinger Tor stop
  • Bugfix: KI trams got stuck ahead of the Nordendstraße stop
  • Bugfix: In some places pedestrians sank into the ground
  • Bugfix: Pedestrians behaved wrong at the stairway Sendlinger Tor
  • Parked cars at Kurfürstenplatz were adjusted and added

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