Undecember Runes

Undecember Runes | All Rune Types, Enchant, and More

Runes are one of the most important parts of Undecember. There are lots of runes that you can use and equip in the game and if you’re looking for more details about it, this guide will answer all of your questions about runes.

About Runes

  • Skill Rune: Runes that allow the use of Skills
  • Link Slot: Slots that allows linking ‘Link Runes’ to ‘Skill Runes’
  • Link Rune: Support runes that adds additional effects to Skill Runes by being equipped into a Skill Rune’s Link Slot
  • Rune Cast: The board which allows equipping Skill, Link Runes and Runestones
  • Runestone: Support runes that enhances the effect of Skill Runes that are equipped in specific slots
  • Rune Grade: Divided into Normal, Magic, Rare and Legendary grades. Option and power are enhanced at higher grades
  • Skill Slot: Skills can be used by equipping Skill Runes to ‘Skill Slots’ in the Rune Cast
  • Basic Attack: Basic Attack is considered as a ‘Skill Rune’. However, it is not shown in your Bag or the Rune Cast.
    • It is registered into the Skill List and can be equipped into the desired Skill Slot to be used.
    • If there are no ‘Skill Runes’ registered into the center Skill Slot, ‘Basic Attack’ is automatically equipped instead.


  • Basic Runes can be obtained from quests, rewards from contents, NPC shops, monster drops and Alchemy Synthesis.
  • Certain Runes cannot be purchased from NPC shops and can only be obtained from monster drops, Alchemy Synthesis or Guilds.
  • Depending on the Rune, the minimum grade be set to be higher than Normal.

Rune Shop

  • Talk to Mystic Pauline NPC in town to purchase Skill and Link Runes.
    • Currency(Gold) is required to make purchases.
    • The list of available Runes in town will vary based on the Act. All purchasable Runes from the previous Acts will become available after Act 6.\
  • For Skill Runes, their Link Slot is fixed to a single slot on top-right.The slot color will be identical to the Rune color.
  • Trigger Link Rune’s direction will be fixed from top-right to bottom-left.

Rune Types

  • Skill Runes are hexagonal Runes that allow you to use melee, ranged, and spell skills of various effects.
  • Skill Runes have Link Slots up to 6 directions where Link Runes can be equipped.
  • The maximum number of Link Slots differs for each skill. The maximum slots can be viewed from the UI.
  • Links Slots are divided into a total of 3 colors: Red, Green and blue.
  • Special Essences can be used to enchant a Link Slot to White (Allows linking regardless of color).

  • The details of a skill can be viewed from the Skill Rune Tooltips.
  • Push the Share button from Tooltips to share the selected skill in Chat.
  • Push the Skill Sample Video to watch a video of the skill in use without any supplementary effects.

Link Runes

  • Link Runes are equipped in the Link Slot of Skill Runes. They are support Runes that provide various effects when connected to a Skill Rune.
  • If the color and the tag of the equipped Link Rune matches the Skill Rune, the Link Rune’s effect will be applied to the Skill Rune.
  • Link Runes can be equipped to a Skill Rune even if their color and tag do not match. But the Link Rune’s effects are not applied to the Skill Rune.
  • Certain Link Runes cannot be equipped even if the color and the tags match. In such cases, the exact reason is listed on the Link Rune.


  • Runestones do not have any effects by themselves. But it is able to enchant the Skill Rune equipped in 1 of the 30 Rune Cast slots.
  • Each Runestone has their own unique enchantment effect, along with options to enchant the effects of a specific skill.
  • Up to 3 Runestones can be equipped at once. But Runestones that enchant the same slot cannot be equipped together
  • Runestones can be obtained from Raids.They cannot be enchanted individually and can be changed into a new Runestone through Alchemy Synthesis.
  • Runestones are divided into Magic and Rare grades. Higher options can appear based on their level and grade.

Equipping and Using Runes

  • Push the Skill Icon from the Menu or use the Hotkey “K” to open the Rune Cast.
  • You can select and place the Rune you wish to equip from the list of runes on the right into the Rune Cast.

  • Push a Skill Rune equipped in the Rune Cast to highlight Link Runes that can be linked from the list of runes.
  • The DPS of Skill Runes equipped in the Rune Cast are displayed while taking the Link Rune effects into account.
  • Duplicate Skill Runes cannot be equipped into the Rune Cast. Duplicate Link Runes can be equipped, but the same Skill Rune cannot be equipped at the same time.

  • Skills Rune equipped in the Rune Cast can be registered into Skill Slots to be used in battle.
  • Select a skill from the list of Skill Runes on the right, then select the desired Skill Slot to register a skill.
  • 2 sets of 5 skills can be registered at once. Identical skills can be registered into both sets.
  • Trigger Skill Slots can be unlocked by using currency and only skills linked with the Trigger Link Rune can be equipped in these slots.

Rune Growth

Skill and Link Runes can be leveled up from Mystic Pauline in town.

Gold and Elements are required to grow Runes.

  • Elements are divided into 5 types of Red/Green/Blue/Earth/Light.
  • If the selected Rune and the material elements have matching colors, Additional EXP is granted.
  • Earth and Light elements provide additional EXP to Runes of all colors.
  • Gold is not required when using Light elements to level up.
  • Elements can be obtained through hunting, disassembling grown Runes and as rewards from other gameplay contents.

Grown Runes can be used as materials to transfer EXP to another Rune.

  • 100% of the EXP is transferred between Runes of the same color, but only 80% of the EXP is transferred to Runes of a different color.
  • The Rune’s grade and Link Slots are not transferred. If you wish to transfer the Rune’s grade and Link Slots as well, they must be transferred through Alchemy.

If the stat requirement from the Rune’s increased level is higher than your current stats, Runes cannot be leveled up.

If the Rune is not equipped, the above message will be displayed. Please be aware that you will be able to proceed with the level up, but it will not be available for equip.

Rune Enchants

Runes can be enchanted to change their grade, slot count, color and the link locations.

The appropriate essences are required for enchanting Runes.

Mileage is accumulated based on the number of enchantment attempts with Rune Birth Essence. If 6 Links are not attained until the maximum mileage, a guaranteed 6 Link Enchant feature will become activated.

  • If 6 Links do appear while enchanting, the accumulated mileage changes to 0.
  • The enchantment count only increases upon getting the guaranteed 6 Links.

(Mileage increases with the enchantment count.)

For Birth/Link/Color Essences during Rune Enchant, the Repeat Settings can be used to ‘automatically enchant ‘until the desired slot count, color and link locations are attained.

When enchanting Runes that are already equipped, the DPS change can be viewed in real-time as the Link Slot count/Color/Locations are changed.

Essence Types

Name Source Description

Rune Birth Essence

Drop, Disassemble, Shop, Ore Re-imbues the number of linked slots by chance.

Rune Link Essence

Drop, Disassemble, Shop, Ore Changes a linked slot’s location by chance.

Rune Color Essence

Drop, Disassemble, Shop, Ore Changes a linked slot’s color by chance.

Penta Rune Essence

Pass, Event Adds Rune Slots to a Skill Rune to change into 5-6 slots by chance.

Hexa Rune Essence

Drop, Disassemble, Trade Adds Rune Slots to a Skill Rune to change into 6 slots.

Rune Candor Essence

Disassemble, Trade, Ore

Changes the color of 1 Link Slot into White by chance.

Link Rune of all colors can be linked in a White Slot, and the equipped Link Rune’s effect increases by 1 level. Additional Rune Candor Essence enchants can be stacked on a Rune Slot, and the stack count is displayed by a number.

Cannot be used again upon failing.
The stack count is maintained by chance upon failure, and you will be able to retry with a higher success chance. The success chance increases if the stack count is maintained multiple times in a row.

Rune Candor Revitalization Essence

Alchemy If Rune Candor Essence fails, saves the Link Slot info with the highest number of successes and restores it with the existing Link Slot info

Skill Rune Magic Upgrade Essence

Drop, Disassemble, Ore Changes a Normal grade Skill Rune to a Magic grade.

Skill Rune Rare Upgrade Essence

Drop, Disassemble, Ore, Alchemy Changes a Magic grade Skill Rune to a Rare grade.

Skill Rune Legendary Upgrade Essence

Drop, Disassemble, Trade Changes a Rare grade Skill Rune to a Legendary grade.

Link Rune Magic Upgrade Essence

Drop, Disassemble, Ore Changes a Normal grade Link Rune to a Magic grade.

Link Rune Rare Upgrade Essence

Drop, Disassemble, Ore, Alchemy Changes a Magic grade Link Rune to a Rare grade.

Link Rune Legendary Upgrade Essence

Drop, Disassemble, Trade Changes a Rare grade Link Rune to a Legendary grade.

Trigger Rune Change Essence

Trade, Alchemy Randomly reassigns the direction of a Trigger Rune’s Skill Rune Link.

Rune Slot Enchant

  • Rune Candor Essence can be used to enchant the slot of a Skill Rune.
  • When Rune Candor Essence is used on a Skill Rune, a random slot is changed into ‘White’.
    • White Rune Slots can be connected to Link Runes all colors.
    • Based on the level of the White Rune Slot, the linked Link Rune’s level is applied at an increased level.
    • If different Skill Runes with White Slots are equipped with a Link Rune in between, the increased level effect of the Link Rune is applied individually to each Skill Rune.. (Skill A White Slot – X Link Rune Lv. 30 – Skill B White Slot > Lv. 31 X Link Rune effect applied to Skill A / Lv. 31 X Link Rune effect applied to Skill B)
  • If multiple essences are used on a slot that has already changed to White, it can be further enchanted. In this case, the Link Rune’s level increases by the number of enchantment stacks.
  • When a Rune Candor Essence is used on a Skill Rune, all other essences besides ‘Rune Link Essence, Rune Birth Essence’ and Rune Upgrade Essences cannot be used.

  • Consecutive successes with Rune Candor Essence decreases the success chance of the next enchant.
  • Candor Essences can no longer be used upon failing. However, there is a chance the enchantment will be ‘maintained,’ to allow one more try.
  • If maintained, instead of the Candor Essence effect being applied, the next enchant’s success chance slightly increases. If the stacks are maintained multiple times in a row, the success chance continues to increase.
  • Successfully enchanting Candor Essence will remove all bonus success chances.
  • Upon completely failing, ‘Rune Color Essences’ can be used on the Skill Rune again. Afterward, Rune Candor Essence can be enchanted again from the beginning.

  • Every 5 successful enchant with Rune Candor Essence increases the Skill Rune’s maximum level limit. (E.g.: 10 Candor Essence enchants on a Skill Rune with maximum level of 30 will allow the Skill Rune to be increased up to Lv. 32)
  • When the maximum level of 30 is surpassed, elements can be used from ‘Rune Growth’ to increase the Rune’s level
  • Rune’s maximum level increase can be applied up to 5 times. The increased maximum level is displayed on the left with a number. Once applied, it does not disappear even when Rune Candor Essence enchant fails and the Rune is reset with ‘Rune Color Essence,’ or ‘Rune Birth Essence.’.
  • If the ‘Previous Maximum Success’ is not surpassed after the reset, the ‘Maximum Level Limit’ does not increase either. E.g.: Maximum Level Limit increased by 2 with 10 Rune Candor Essence successes > Rune Candor Essence enchant fails. Rune is reset and then proceeded to 5 Rune Candor Essence successes. Maximum Level Limit increase is maintained at 2 > Upon reaching 15 Candor Essence successes, the Maximum Level Limit then changes to 3.

Rune Slot Restoration

  • Using ‘Rune Candor Revitalization Essence’ will restore the Rune Slot to its maximum Rune Candor Essence successful enchant count.
    • Can be used on Skill Runes that have been reset with Rune Color Essence after failing Rune Candor Essence.
    • If a Candor Essence enchant attempt fails during a re-attempt, it can be used to restore to the previous highest enchant count without resetting.
  • The maximum enchant record of a Skill Rune enchanted with Rune Candor Essence can be viewed from the Mystic’s ‘Rune Enchant’ UI.
  • If “Rune Birth Essence” is used on a Skill Rune enchanted with Rune Candor Essence, the maximum enchant record is erased. Please be aware that in this case, it cannot be recovered even with Rune Candor Revitalization Essence.
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