Valheim – All Food and Their Effects

This guide will be giving you all the details about the food that you can find and cook in Valheim. Discover the effects of these foods such as extra health, regeneration rate, and stamina.

In Valheim, players can up to three different types of food at a time. The effects of the food will be available for a certain period of time. As of the moment, there’s a total of 21 edible food in the game.

All Foods and Effects

IconNameStaminaHealingHealing EffectDuration
Valheim RaspberryRaspberry20101 hp/tick600 sec
Valheim BlueberryBlueberry20151 hp/tick600 sec
Valheim CloudberriesCloudberries25151 hp/tick800 sec
Valheim MushroomMushroom20151 hp/tick600 sec
Valheim CarrotCarrot15151 hp/tick600 sec
Valheim Yellow MushroomYellow Mushroom20201 hp/tick600 sec
Valheim HoneyHoney20205 hp/tick300 sec
Valheim Carrot SoupCarrot Soup60202 hp/tick1500 sec
Valheim Queens JamQueens Jam40302 hp/tick1200 sec
Grilled Neck TailGrilled Neck Tail20352 hp/tick1000 sec
Cooked MeatCooked Meat30402 hp/tick1200 sec
BreadBread70402 hp/tick1800 sec
Cooked fishCooked fish25452 hp/tick1200 sec
Turnip stewTurnip stew50502 hp/tick1600 sec
SausagesSausages40603 hp/tick1600 sec
Fish wrapsFish wraps90604 hp/tick2400 sec
Cooked Serpent MeatCooked Serpent Meat40703 hp/tick2000 sec
Cooked Lox MeatCooked Lox Meat40703 hp/tick2000 sec
Serpent StewSerpent Stew80804 hp/tick2400 sec
Lox meat pieLox meat pie80804 hp/tick2400 sec
Blood PuddingBlood Pudding50904 hp/tick2400 sec

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