Vincenzo Episode 18: Where are the Gold Bars? Where Did it Go?

Vincenzo Episode 18 is surely one of the best episodes that has been released for the Korean drama series so far. Apart from the mind-blowing twists and events for the story of Vincenzo and their fight against Babel, it seems that another mystery has been added to the drama series.

In the previous episodes of the Korean drama series, we have seen Vincenzo and Jo Young Woon accessing the vault using the iris recognition of the deceased gold owner. However, they are forced to leave the vault due to the sudden appearance of the tenants in the temple. To handle situation, Vincenzo accidentally throw the only key that they have inside the vault. This incident left them with only one option to get the gold – demolishing the entire building.

Well, that’s what we know until the 18th episode of the drama series has been released. In Vincenzo Episode 18, we have seen the secretary of the Presidential candidate abducting Jo Young Woon and threatens him that they will kill his family if he don’t cooperate. This gives Jo Young Woon no choice but to give them what they wanted. He was tasked to search for the person who created the security of the vault and he managed to found Seo Mi Ri.

Upon getting what they wanted, the secretary of the Presidential candidate immediately went to the location of the vault. Knowing that Seo Mi Ri is also a resident of the building, they easily grabbed and forced her to open the vault. She managed to open the vault but when they checked the inside, they didn’t found anything.

Where the h$ck are the gold bars? What happened to the gold bars?


Where are the Golds in Vincenzo Episode 18?

There are lots of theories that has been popping around since the release of the 18th episode of the Korean drama series. Just like you, we also have our own idea what happened to the gold bars. Wondering where did the gold bars go? Just continue reading as we might discover the truth what actually happened to the gold inside the vault.

The disappearance of the gold in Episode 18 of Vincenzo was already been hinted in the previous episodes of the series. In fact, another hint was also seen in this episode. Let me refresh what happened in Vincenzo Episode 18.

If you didn’t skip any part of Episode 18, you will remember one of the tenants, Kwak Hee Soo, speaking with the two monks. The two monks are about to leave the temple and told Kwak Hee Soo that they are going to beg for alms. Kwak Hee Soo asked if they are struggling and even told them that they are doing it almost everyday.

Well, I think you already know where this theory is going. In our opinion, we believe that Vincenzo told the monks about the gold and asked for their cooperation. Knowing that Vincenzo also know that Seo Mi Ri is around, he can easily access the vault without any problem. So, where did the gold go?


There are two possibilities that we think for this situation. First, the monks have been slowly moving the gold out of the vault with the help of Seo Mi Ri and Vincenzo. Second, the gold was still on that building but it was hidden somewhere else. There’s a chance that the vault still have a hidden room where they can move and keep it hidden. We already saw how many gold bars are there in that vault and while the monks can move it everyday, it will take several weeks for them to fully move all the gold inside.

Now, if you’re really eager to learn how the gold disappeared from the vault, make sure to check this article to see Vincenzo revealing how did it disappear. You can also check this link to discover where Vincenzo kept the gold.

And that’s it. What do you think about this theory? We will be learning more about what happened to the gold once we got the last two episodes of the drama series. Until then, make sure to leave a comment below and share us your opinion.

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