Could’ve Made National

Watch Dogs: Legion – How to Get Could’ve Made National

Watch Dogs: Legion will surely make players busy. The game is currently offering lots of activities where players can unlock different trophies and achievements.

One of these trophies is called “Could’ve Made National“, where Watch Dogs: Legion players need to complete Kick up challenge intermediate 1. If you’re one of the Watch Dogs: Legion trophy hunters, obtaining this trophy is pretty easy.

Could’ve Made National

Unlockable Trophy

  • Could’ve Made National
    Complete Kick up challenge intermediate 1

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Where to Find the Football

The most accessible place where you can perform and obtain this trophy is by heading on the north end of the London Bridge. If you open the map, you can see the blue football icon.

To get the obtain the “Could’ve Made National” trophy, you need to complete all the 6 beginner rounds. Right after completing the beginner round, you need to perform and complete the first intermediate round.

And that’s it. You have successfully obtained the trophy and achievement on your console.

Pro Tip: Timing is the key to achieve and complete this minigame in Watch Dogs: Legion. You need to press the buttons that are shown on the screen once the white circle hits the green and purple zone.

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