Where to Find All Food and Elixir in Gloomwood

This is a guide dedicated to helping you find all Elixer/Food to assist you in getting through your journey into the City of Gloomwood.

Difficulty: Blood Moon


1 Cheese : Right door that’s next to the “Key Tutorial” in that room there is also a vent lead you here

1 Elixer Box: Opposite to the revolver safe (use barrels to climb up)

1 Sardine Can: Under the docks underwater (use green mushrooms to help you find other loot)

1 Elixer + 4 Sardine Cans: Ontop of locked lighthouse (use barrels to get in)

5 Cheese Wheels (+ 1 Elixer Box on lower difficulties): Behind the waterfall near caves entrance

1 Apple: The hut opposite caves entrance


2 Apples: Save Location

1 Cheese Wheel + 1 Elixer Box: To the right while reading towards electric gate

1 Sardine Can: During the Dog tutorial where they eat a head

1 Elixer: Locked behind a door

1 Elixer: Blow up crack in the wall opposite elevator to access this secret area


1 Elixer: Under the Church


3 Sardine Cans: Opposite Save Grammaphone to the right of fire place

1 Cheese Wheel + 2 Apples: Opposite Fireplace

1 Elixer Box: Last room to the right next to the dead body

3 Sardine Cans: Behind Bar Counter

1 Cheese Wheel: Infront of Bar Counter on Table

1 Cheese Wheel: Go upstairs and it’ll be the first room to your left

Front of Market Place

2 Sardine Cans: Guard Tower 2nd room after going down ladder

1 Sardine Can + 1 Empty: Guard Tower the bottom room

2 Apples: Tower right above gate entrance

Market Place

1 Elixer: First shop to your right

1 Cheese Wheel + 1 Apple: While in the shop save room above, take the secret vent

1 Sardine Can: Left Docks guard room

1 Apple: Left Docks guard room again but next room

1 Elixer: Middle docks house

4 Sardine Cans: Left Docks house at the top

1 Apple: Stairs leading to Docks

1 Cheese Wheel + 1 Apple: To the left of the Dead Goat behind the boxs

1 Elixer: In the barber shop at the bottom (Open Chest)

1 Elixer: Ontop of the blue house overlooking the Market (Use barrels to climb up)

1 Cheese Wheel: Right Construction Site leading towards The Barber Shop

1 Apple: On the main street take a right then you’ll see a door to your left go in that

4 Sardine Cans: Right shelf of The Merchant

3 Sardine Cans: Right behind The Merchant

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